Contract vs Full-Time Job: Which is Best for You 2023

As Orr points out, contractors still have to consider paying taxes, healthcare, any 401k contributions and the general lack of job security. If you’re ready to get started as a contract worker yourself or utilizing contract work on your team, OSI Engineering is a top-rated workforce solutions partner specializing in contract services. Whether you want to join their talent network to find opportunities or workers, we can help you make the right connections. When the work outcomes are particularly effective, there may be interest on one or both sides of continuing the relationship.

contract position vs full time

They often show dedication to their employers, advocate for them in their social circles, and work for the long-term benefit of these businesses. Hiring a contract employee requires a far different pay structure than bringing someone on full-time, meaning you need to embrace a unique set of trade-offs. A simple way to determine if someone is a contractor is to ask, “How many people employ this person? ” If they have over three employers, they’re probably a freelancer. Closely behind flexibility, she notes the ability to work with other clients and do different projects and try different things as your schedule permits is also a huge benefit.

Job Security: The Comfort of Consistency

Therefore, the decision to hire contractors or full-time employees may be built into the type of company and the industry it serves. Though they go through periods of joblessness as well, it is usually much less frequent. With employer-assisted benefits and retirement packages, the full-time route also provides greater security for one’s health and future. Now that you know when and where to start your contract job hunt, the real work begins. According to LiveCareer, 61% of hiring managers believe the number-one tactic for boosting a candidate’s chances of getting a job offer is personalizing their resume to the job in question.

This means contractors may not always be available to your business on a month-to-month basis, depending on their other projects. In recent times, more people are eyeing contract work instead of staying in regular full-time jobs. If you are considering changing your work style, knowing contract vs full time employment how full-time and contract jobs differ is wise. This all starts with understanding why you’re hiring and why you’re considering contract employees. If you’re interested in contracting just to save money, you may want to look beyond the immediate cost to more long-term factors.

Can a Contract Job Become Permanent?

While scrolling through job listings, you see several contract roles with high hourly rates, flexible hours and exciting projects. Should you become an independent contractor as opposed to a full-time employee? Experts weigh in regarding the stability of full-time work versus the opportunities and flexibility contract work can bring. Contract work offers both employees and employers flexibility and unique advantages. Workers can enjoy job flexibility, diverse project experiences, and the potential for higher pay rates.

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